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Release notes UPBGE 0.0.2


Mipmap per texture
Mipmapping settings can be controlled, you can control if a texture has mipmap and its lodbias.
More the lodbias is an hight value more the texture is blurred. Useful to "unblur" foliages/fence textures.
Mpimapping per texture with lodbias option (UV Image Editor, N > mipmapping)
With a lobbias of 1.0:
With a lodbias of -1.0:

Sub Surface Scattering
Sub surface scattering was implemented from original patch of Martinsh/Mokazon in the Candy branch.

GLSL text highlighting
Scripts with the following extensions: .glsl, .frag, .fs, .vs, .vert, .fx are highlighted
according to GLSL syntax.

Armature debug mode
It draw debug lines that represent armature's bones, enabled in the UI via "Show Armatures", or in python by using:


GLSL Cubemap template
A template is added in text editor templates to make cubemap reflections easier. It has
an option to make optional diffuse.

Logic bricks move
Now you can move logic bricks up and down even if they are expanded.

Bugs Fixed
- VBO not updated for meshes with deformers. (see e7770c)
- Deformed mesh not updated get wrong AABB. (see c5b0bf)
- Scene replacement and deletion. (see 7b8e9c)
- Wrong number of plane in bullet culling. (see 7ed716)
- AABB not update on non-bullet culling (see c2e8ad)
- Predefined object AABB taken in the object it's self and not the given mesh. (see 3a2537)
- Wrong AABB for softbodies. (see e3e504)
- Unrefreshed setting of SSS lamp energy, color. (see 49ff26)
- Zombie object created when child is in a different layer. (see 2068a3)
- T46381, wrong played child armature action. (see c58e72)
- Unupdated VBO for dynamic deformer. (see e7770c)
- Wrong armature debug scale. (see fa103f)
- T37125, modified mesh not updated to deformed objects. (see b9a2bf)
- Unscaled/unrotated object's culling sphere. (see eaa044)
- Double to float precision issue in MT_Matrix4x4::inver[t/se]. (see 877dbe)
- Allow message sensor without subject and message actuator without receiver. (see 7e319c)
- Armature not drawed when no visible children. (see 01fe21)
- Animation multithreads conflict in AABB update. (see 89aa06)
- Memory leak caused by non pointer usage of RAS_MeshSlot. (see 49d809)
- Memory leak on KX_TouchEventManager. (see e32192)
- Unshared message between scenes. (see ceef8c)
- Adding obstacle without obstacle simulation. (see c4a9a2)