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Release notes UPBGE 0.0.3


Parallax mapping
Support for parallax in the UPBGE (only in perspective view (not in orthographic view))
Tuto to create normal maps for parallax: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCUeJbKz-Xc
Tuto to show how to use parallax in UPBGE: https://youtu.be/ZDIYRslNHCw

Movement sensor
Add a movement sensor that detects if an object is moving.
Below a certain threshold, the movement is not detected.
The movement can be detected with local or global axis.

New Compatibility System
The UPBGE treats now conversion from old UPBGE files or non-UPBGE files. But the descendant compatibility is broken. You have to ensure you never save an UPBGE file with regular blender because it will destruct all UPBGE file info. (see 3b0413)

Material Caching Option
This option was removed because it allow the user to duplicate the materials in multitexture. Since UPBGE will remove this render mode this option can be easily removed. (see e66728)

Bug fixed
- VBO segfault in blender UI draw. (see 8a84fe, f38a00).