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World Background
- New python API for world background:
Previously, we had only one color for background in the bge.
Since we have implemented viewport background, we needed 2 colors:
. horizon:
bge.logic.getCurrentScene().world.horizonColor = [r, g, b]
. zenith:
bge.logic.getCurrentScene().world.zenithColor = [r, g, b]
(for ImageRender background we use horizon = [r, g, b, a] and zenith = [r, g, b, a])
- We added support for horizon and zenith colors animations with keyframes.

- New lod system (see 34ce34, 5aeb52, 3304d6)
- Remove CTR_Map in sources (see 61df00, bd9108, 6a80b7, 3c80b4, d11e77, 0529e6, e60fde)
- Merge MT_Tuple and MT_Point in MT_Vector (see 5b3a67)
- Remove physics record animation features (see 682f80)
- Implement RAS_MeshUser (see dd7fb8)

Bugs fixed
- Fix soft body shared vertex arrays (see 70866e)
- Fix crash with 2D filters (see a3a258)
- Fix background color for ImageRender (see e5d01b)
- Restored background render in wireframe mode (see 043f2f)
- Support multiple monitors on Linux (see 9541b5f)