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Custom shader bind callbacks

To control the uniforms depending of an object in a custom shader, the user have to apply the proper value just before the object is draft with the custom shader. To allow it python callbacks are added in BL_Shader.

The python callbacks are:


The first callbacks can receive one argument, the object currently rendered. The callbacks are called for every object rendered.
The callbacks could be for example:

def objectCallback(object):
shader.setUniformfv("color", object.color)
shader.objectCallbacks = [objectCallback]

The second callbacks receive none argument and it is called every time the shader is bind, one time before calling at least one time object callbacks.

For a scene with two objects, Cube and Cube2. The following script is blinking two objects, respectively yellow and green.
from bge import logic
from mathutils import Vector

own = logic.getCurrentController().owner

mat = own.meshes[0].materials[0]
shader = mat.shader

def bindCallback():
shader.setUniform1f("time", logic.getRealTime())

def objectCallback(object):
print("object %r" % object.name)
if object.name == "Cube":
shader.setUniformfv("color", [1, 1, 0, 1])
if object.name == "Cube2":
shader.setUniformfv("color", [0, 1, 0, 1])

vert = """

void main()
gl_Position = ftransform();

frag = """

uniform vec4 color;
uniform float time;

void main()
gl_FragColor = color * mod(time, 0.5);

shader.setSourceList({"vertex" : vert, "fragment" : frag}, True)
shader.objectCallbacks = [objectCallback]
shader.bindCallbacks = [bindCallback]

Material and texture UI panel refactor

A lot of the UI option unused for the game engine are now removed to simplify the interface.
The material panel now looks:

The texture panel:

Parralax UI refactor

The parralax settings are now put in a new panel in the texture panel, the panel look like:

Physics settings

The physics settings were in the material, but only the settings in the first material were used. To avoid ambiguity the settings are moved in the object physics panel.
This panel now looks:

Standardized and colored messages

All the message print by the game engine are now using standardized format and colored prefix for errors, warnings and debugs.
There is an example of these messages:

Clean up and refactors
- Optimize VBO modification. (see fb20494)
- Optimize bounding box update. (see 8f84e7a)
- Move modification flag in RAS_IDisplayArray. (see 8a1e32c)
- Clean up KX_BlenderSceneConverter.[h/cpp]. (see 92601f6)
- Remove display list and vertex array render storage. (see b286d18)
- Remove usage of using namespace std. (see 996ab30)
- Clean up KX_CollisionEventManager.[h/cpp] KX_CollisionSensor.[h/cpp]. (see e91928c)
- Remove UI face texture option. (see f5e86de)
- Remove commented debug messages. (see 14eb890)
- Simplificate VBO update handling. (see 5718bff)
- Don't sort object for transparency object in shadow render. (see 6ffd24a)
- Remove dome in UI. (see 33a03ce)
- Implement implicit cast in CListValue::iterator. (see 668b9fb)
- Use CListValue::iterator when possible. (see d78f606)

Bugs fixed
- Fix orthographic billboard and halo. (see 5bd1854)
- Fix environment lighting in blenderplayer. (see c1d673c)
- Fix blender player usage loop. (see 660ee15)
- Fix AABB not initialized to mesh AABB for deformers. (see 4e3edc6)
- Fix GLSL inverse support. (see b5238de)
- Fix mesh active uv and color layer for unspecified texture. (see b7b3dee)
- Remove game property range and increase mass limit. (see e291c4a)
- Fix elements erasing in KX_BlenderSceneConverter::FreeBlendFile. (see 6d165ed)
- Fix crash when calling setTexture in KX_2DFilter. (see 77cb6cd)
- Fix GG.shaders.instancing not deleted. (see c374b33)
- Fix KX_TouchSensor not replaced in python documentation and titles. (see 40bb11c)