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Uv dynamic transformation

A new UV rotation angle is implemented in the UI:
This option rotate the UV from it center independently of the offset or the size applied to the UV. For a angle of 30 degrees, the result looks like:

In addition to the rotation option, these three values: size, offset and rotation are accessible from the BL_Texture, the material texture:

tex = material.textures[0]

tex.uvOffset = Vector((1, 8, -9))
tex.uvSize = Vector((5, 2, 5))
tex.uvRotation = pi

See also: BL_Texture

KX_GameObject layer

The render layer of the object are now exposed. These layer are used only for real-time cube map render and shadow render, not for regular viewport render.
The layer value is accessible through:

See also: KX_GameObject.layer

Real-time cube map lod update

The cube are now able to manage a lod update stage before their render. To avoid using the same lod quality than the viewport render, the real-time cube map use a custom lod distance factor. This factor is accessible at:

See also: KX_CubeMap.lodDistanceFactor

Parallax minor improvements

Before the parallax was using a dynamic number of steps without control, this is replaced by a constant number of steps. In addition the parallax height is no longer dependent of the texture size.


Clean up and refactors
- Refactor and allow switching more than two lod levels. (see f9b99b2)
- Use wstring_convert instead of blender utf8 conversion function in SCA_KeyboardSensor::LogKeystrokes. (see 387b11d)
- Replace STR_String by std::string. (see 38cc2eb)
- Use names table for scene callbacks list. (see aa5758c)
- Cleanup GPG_Canvas.[h/cpp] KX_BlenderCanvas.[h/cpp]. (see 07b9671)

Bugs fixed
- Fix parallax mapping artifacts. (see 9f621ad)
- Avoid bind scene of physics environment during scene conversion. (see bfe217c)
- Fix lod update using always the scene active camera. (see 26e7a92)
- Update lod after culling pass. (see 310aaf1)
- Avoid using text full length. (see 38ad9cc)
- Add missing representation for KX_[Constraint/Vehicle/Character]Wrapper. (see 86adc3c)
- Initialize components during first update. (see 814afdf)
- Temporary fix for parallax discard option. (see 20be643)
- Fix keyboard sensor typed text. (see 9bafe7e)
- Fix tangent not transformed in geometry instancing. (see 2eaa0c6)
- Fix absolute active mesh color layer index. (see 24c227f)
- Acces component list of an object without components. (see ee07eba)
- Fix Copy Game Physics Properties To Selected. (see 8f1ffcf)
- Fix filter reading and writing to same off screen. (see 0f8a297)
- Fix ImageRender image pixel buffer copy. (see 5ae8cbd)
- Fix lib loaded realtime cube map. (see fa27850)
- Fix mouse actuator event manager not repalced. (see 28f1ef4)
- Fix normal update in BL_MeshDeformer::RecalcNormals. (see fe751d0)
- Fix object friction setting convertion from defautl material. (see 64aa152)