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Object material node

The object material node allow the user to access the object color into a material node tree.


Debug options management

Three modes are available for each debug option: Disable, Force, Allow. The two first are pretty explicit, they disable or enable a debug without any other conditions. The last mode let a per object setting decide to debug or not.

These options are accessible from the Render panel and Debug sub panel:

They are also in the Game menu:

Shadow frustum debug

Shadow frustum volume/box of a light is able to be displayed in game with the current option to display the frustum in viewport: Show Shadow Box or by forcing the display with the debug option named Show Shadow Frustum.
It display help making an optimized shadow box in a complex scene without checking always outside game.


CListValue item filtering

Items in a CListValue like scene objects KX_Scene.objects can be filtered along a name regex and a property regex. The name regex filter all the items matching their name with the regex, the property regex filter the objects whose have one property name matching the regex. If the name regex is empty all the items are iterated and looked for property name matching.

result = scene.objects.filter("C.*", "Friend")

The above code get the list of all scene objects beginning by C and containing a property named Friend.

See also: bge.types.CListValue.filter.

Clean up and refactors
- Remove C++ guardedalloc. (see 8633845)
- Remove unused functions (see a5aa881, 5854d40, a751ea1)
- Refactor debug shape and text drawing. (see 00bbaae)
- Refactor scene suspended time managment. (see 459c393)
- Cleanup KX_Time[Category]Logger.[h/cpp]. (see e89f022)
- Implement Moto function to generate frustum box. (see 4216f5c)
- Refactor scene converter. (see e81bd78)

Bugs fixed
- Add python API documentation of KX_PlanarMap and KX_TextureRenderer. (see d679ab0)
- Remove /bigobj option that caused issue on MSVC 2013. (see 4f2f33b)
- Move /bigobj to rasterizer module and check for MSVC 2015. (see 1a723d8)
- Fix GPU_framebuffer_bind_all_attachments. (see 9707986)
- Avoid debug draw the frustum of the camera used for the render. (see 7e0ddbb)
- Fix UI python scripts. (see a30e8e8)
- Fix specular tansparency value with depth transparency. (see f780c89)
- Fix mouse sensor. (see 864139f)
- Fix missing physics elasticity in UI for static objects. (see 3f1b8d7)