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Environment lighting python API

The user can now access to environment lighting attributes for custom shader purpose, these values are read only and named:


See also: ff22b63

Shadow slope bias

Shadow slope bias is a technique to avoid shadow acne based on the receiver geometry slope, to proceed this bias the fragment position to test for shadow is moved of the view normal multiplied by a factor exposed in UI:


Left: bias of 0.1 and slope bias of 0.5, right: bias of 3.0 and slope bias of 0.0, notice the shadow gap.

See also: d552c83

Blenderplayer anisotropic command option

Anisotropic filtering is technique to improve the texture mipmapping, it had four values possible: 2, 4, 8, 16. These value can be set in blender in user settings and now too in the blenderplayer by specifying the option -m in command line:

blenderplayer -m 8 file.blend

See also: dac65de

Clean up and refactors
- Use one display array bucket per deformer. (see 1b30104)
- Render with storage info instead of display array bucket. (see 6845f2b)
- Use VBO index buffer for polygon sort. (see 8e2a271)
- Simplify derived mesh draw. (see 034494)
- Remove unused function and arguments in GameLogic/. (see e7ef47b)
- Refactor render node system. (see 0aad135)
- Optimize timer logger. (see 3e25f79)
- Use KX_GameObject in KX_Scene and object actuators. (see 7a91011)
- Manage python namespace in SCA_PythonController. (see cfcf5fa)

Bugs fixed
- Fix commented LibLoad async option. (see d09038)
- Fix vertex attributes of derived mesh. (see ac2fba3)
- Fix polygons sort with derived mesh. (see 114230c)
- Fix removed constraints when suspending physics. (see 00836b4)
- Fix redundant #version shader directive. (see fedadad)
- Fix reinstance physics mesh with wire material. (see 3801c52)
- Fix uses lighting flag. (see b56245d)