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Sky texture environment lighting

Environment lighting using Sky Texture is now supported in GLSL render in both viewport and game. The UI look as follow:


The texture defined by the user in world texture setting is sampled using geometry normal. The result looks like this without any lamp in scene, only environment lighting:


See also: 6c8598b.

Python inputs helpers

Four attributes are implemented in SCA_InputEvent to help the user to detect if the input was from the last frame: activated, released, active or inactive.

These attributes produce the same operation as checking elements in SCA_InputEvent.status or SCA_InputEvent.events, their names are:


See also: 767b9ad.

Physics empty shape

The user is now able to create a rigid body with an empty physics shape, this rigid body will produces no collisions but will be affected by gravity. An usage of this empty shape is to just place the gravity center of a compound shape without using a shape, this empty shape is then used as the parent compound shape.

See also: 9d101f5.

Creating custom filter without fragment source

Custom filter can now be created without fragment source specified when calling KX_2DFilterManager.addFilter(...). This permits the user to later call KX_2DFilter.setSourceList(...) and then be able to specify a vertex shader or even a geometry shader.

See also: 41b0776.

Compatibility notes

SCA_KeyboardSensor.inputs now follows the same behavior than SCA_PythonKeyboard.inputs with the usage of a python dictionary instead of a list of list.

See also: ff92967.

Clean up and refactors

- Replace py_repr override by GetName and GetText. (see 54424e1)
- Don't allocate polygons on heap. (see a18be87)
- Cleanup prefix in Converter/. (see a01ec70)
- Cleanup KX_LibLoadStatus.[h/cpp]. (see 16fff9b)
- Removed useless BeginFrame and EndFrame physics environment functions. (see 96c9ab5)
- Refactor action actutator. (see 8b70a80)

Bugs fixed

- Fix object with timer deleted before timer end. (see 47aa533)
- Fix object matrix when replacing mesh. (see 80b3eb8)
- Fix relative path when using startGame. (see 2a72166)
- Fix discard at edge option according to scale (see acf534b)
- Restore bind id for VSM shadow. (see 0164085)
- Fix cone constraint debug draw. (see 2e39bcc)
- Fix capsule shape issues. (see 0ba9897)
- Fix font loading path from linked files. (see 3c8bc59)
- Fix shader recompilation after error. (see 6926baf)