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Profile render queries

A option named Show Render Queries is implemented to display three render query: samples passed query, primitves passed and time passed.
The UI is near to profiler option:

When enabled the text displayed looks like:

See also: 92cc0fc

Multiple physics constraint solvers

The user is now able to select the physics constraint solver, the default solver was and is sequential solver. Four different solvers are available, the solver selection is in Scene panel:

The user must deeply test physics constraint solver before using it as default.

See also: be8fb93

Soft body iteration limitation

The soft body position and cluster iteration are now not limited to small value but to 1000 for both.

See also: 6c7862b

Soft body bending constraint distance

Soft body bending constraint option helps to rigidify soft bodies, a second option named Bending Distance indicate the distance of the constraint used to rigidify the body, larger is this value rigid is the body.

The UI option looks as follow:

See also: 5fde4ed

Python functions keywords

Python functions in KX_GameObject using more than two optional arguments are now converted to use keyword arguments. In example the user can type:

obj.rayCast(objto="Target", dist=100, mask=0xFF00)

Instead typing all the arguments until the last used.

See also: 0bf834f

Clean up and refactors
- Remove BL_ArmatureObject::m_pose. (see 9a092bd)
- Cache polygon center for polygon sort. (see 6817669)
- Use C++11 range loop instead of std iterator. (see a3a1b45)
- Minor optimizations related to rasterizer. (see 44f58dc)
- Call ProcessLighting only when detecting custom shader. (see 6314b1f)
- Rename RAS_[I]TexVert to RAS_[I]Vertex. (see 64ad74a)
- Cleanup face orientation management. (see 9dc8173)
- Cleanup deformers. (see 57bcebb)
- Cleanup libload scene merging. (see 1d5e6fc)
- Refactoring scene shader generation. (see 3d505cd)
- Remove DerivedMesh render. (see 7668960)

Bugs fixed
- Fix assertions in aciton and physics. (see 9cc810a)
- Clarify error message for bgl.Buffer when sizes doesn't match (see c8b5bb4)
- Allow to remove item by CValue type in CListValue. (see 830833a)
- Fix unormalized vehicle axis direction. (see c24d294)
- Remove inverse for ATI GPUs with geometry instancing (see 2fc13ea)
- Prevent lighting interfering with debug draw. (see cb18610)
- Fix compound shape hierarchy. (see 4017343)
- Fix blendin in action actuator. (see bcfd59e)
- Fix mesh free from libload. (see 8c9ae8d)