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Angular velocity servo motion actuator

The servo control motion actuator now have an option to control either linear or angular velocity via force or torque.
The option in UI looks as follow:

See also: 3ca1d2d.

Clean up and refactors
- Use C++11 range loop. (see e817e15)
- Cleanup BL_BlenderDataConversion.[cpp/h]. (see f6114dc)
- Implement RAS_MeshObject::GetMeshMaterialList for loop. (see 4c205f7)
- Replace KX_Gameobject::GetMesh[Count] by KX_GameObject::GetMeshList. (see ea98288)
- Minor BL_ArmatureObject cleanup. (see ccbfab0)
- Use member function in RAS_BaseNode instead of std::function. (see b130ed1)
- Rename KX_SG_* classes to KX_*. (see 2b8f791)
- Cleanup KX_NodeRelationships.[h/cpp] and KX_BoneParentNodeRelationship.[h/cpp]. (see 6bc01d4)
- Move ReplaceMesh in KX_GameObject. (see 6f2cd85)
- Prefix by EXP_ classes and globals functions from Expressions/. (see fd26767)
- Replace KX_SCA_ prefix by KX_. (see b0272cb)
- Cleanup KX_ObjectActuator.[h/cpp]. (see 846d96f)
- Cleanup SCA_IObject.[h/cpp]. (see 32dd421)
- Implement python component manager. (see 76aff7a)
- Use raw std::vector instead of EXP_ListValue for KX_GameObject::GetChildren. (see 53ed0c4)
- Simplify EXP_Value properties and error flag. (see 80a07ec)
- Implement std::vector remove and add utilities. (see c2319e3)

Bugs fixed
- Fix image tile animation. (see 6f8e987)
- Fix group object duplication. (see edeaad6)
- Don't make mist enable uniform constant. (see 9a77819)
- Fix deformer conversion. (see 1ab4c09)
- Fix invalid scene add. (see 9dd7a65)
- Fix physics shape reinstancing. (see f1cef71)
- Fix uninitialized polygon centers. (see f2ab1c6)
- Fix blender deformer. (see 050eea1)
- Fix deformer creation. (see a84a3b1)
- Fix general render area dimensions. (see 5a4d5d3)
- Fix angular velocity motion servo with little objects. (see 3d2e0c7)